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The licence granted is subject to the following “Terms and Conditions” and “Schedule of Charges”

Consideration for Grant of Licence
1. Request for grant of licence for performance / function in ITA Centre for Performing Arts will be considered on “First Come First Serve” basis against FULL PAYMENT OF FACILITY REQUIRED.
2. The duration of performance shall normally not exceed the specified time. Should any licensee require an extension of the period of performance before or during the continuance of the same if permitted upon payment of fees as per the “Schedule of Charges” provided, however that no performance / function shall be allowed to continue beyond 3 P.M. for the morning function and 10.30 P.M. for the evening function without permission in advance.
3. A) The Compound / Lobby / Main Auditorium / Seminar Hall / Art Gallery shall be opened to receive the audience / guests half an hour before the specified time of the performance / function as hereupon.
B) The Art Gallery (for decorating fixing etc.) with operators shall generally be available two hours before the commencement if required earlier, the office of ITA Centre for Performing Arts shall look into it.
C) The green rooms and the stage applicable only for main auditorium or seminar hall with operators shall generally be available one hour before the commencement of the performance / function if required earlier, the office of ITA Centre for Performing Arts shall look into it.
D) Artists and technicians directly connected with the show and group management shall only enter and be admitted on the stage and in the green rooms and it is responsibility of the licence to see that in no circumstances other persons shall enter.
E) There shall be no overcrowding at all in any event anywhere in and outside the Complex each member of the audience must occupy the auditorium chair.

Stage Rehearsal
4. Stage rehearsal of the show has to be booked in advance. Such rehearsal for a particular performance / function shall normally be allowed for a maximum period of 5 hours, inclusive of the time required for fixing and removal of the sets, adjustments of the lights etc. at our “Schedule of Charges”. The management reserves the right to change or alter the date and time of rehearsal by giving an intimation to the licencee 48 hours before the schedule booking for the rehearsal.

Display of Posters Banners and other publicity materials
5. The licencee shall be entitled to display a Board / Poster / Banner of the approved size at the prescribed place of the complex seven days before the day of performance/function.

6. No other publicity materials shall be allowed unless approval in writing is obtained from the Management for putting up such publicity materials anywhere in Auditorium/ Hall / Gallery or anywhere inside the complex.

Permission from Amusement Authority
7. The licencee shall at least 7 days before the day of performance / function, deliver to the management, permission from the Amusement Authority of Govt of Assam as per law and such other permissions and or sanctions as may be necessary from time to time. In case, the same are not delivered to the management within the aforesaid time, the management shall be entitled to cancel the booking and forfeit the licence fee in full.

8. The licencee will have to take prior approval of the police for security and traffic arrangement at least 4 days before the day of performance / function. The photostat of such approval to be delivered to the management at least 48 hours before the day of performance / function.
9. Security of the complex being of paramount importance, all visitors / guests / artists / technicians / operators directly concerned with the performance / function will be screened prior to entry into the complex by police / security personnel engaged by the management. Any charge will have to be borne by the licencee.

Booking Office
10. The rnanagement shall provide the space of the booking office only to the licencee in common with other licencees between 10 A.M. and 5 P.M. 7 days in advance of the till to the time of the performance / function.

Close down the Complex
11. Should the management be forced to close down whole complex or part of the Complex due to strike or any other reason whatsoever, the licence shall stand cancelled and the licencee shall have no claim whatsoever against the management, save and except for refund of the amount paid as licence fee or caution money if not already utilised till to the date of such cancellation.

Provisions of the Copyright Act.
12. The licencee shall not allow/hold performance of any programme / rendition / communication in violation of the provisions of the Copyright Act. The Licencee shall be responsible and liable to obtain neces ary licencee under Copyright Act for any performance / rendition / communication.
The management of the Pragjyoti ITA Centre reserves the right to cancel/suspend any programme without any prior notice in the event any programme/rendition or communication is learnt to be in violation of the provisions of the Copyright Act. The organizers/licencees cannot claim any damage in the event any programme or function is suspended/cancelled on knowledge of violation of the provisions of the Copyright Act by the organizers/licencees
or any performing artists.

Beyond the Control of the Management
13. The licence shall hold/conduct/manage/arrange the performance/function and the audience by and through himself/itself at his/its sole risk and account and management of complex shall not in any way or manner be responsible or liable for all delay or any loss/damage/ cost/expenses that the licencee and/or the audience or any part of them may or be required to suffer or incur due to any power failure, load-shedding, break down of air conditioning plant/generator, electrical shock, theft, robbery violence, over-crowding, stampede, structural collapse, fire, earthquake, flood, and/or other act of God or cause beyond reasonable control of the management.
14. If it becomes impossible to hold the performance/function due to any riot, civil commotion, mob violence, civil strike or any cause of a like nature in the city, the management shall refund to the licencee, the licence fee and caution money received in advance after deducting 5% of the licence fee as cancellation charges therefrom.
15. If the State Govt. or any Competent Authority desires to hold any emergent meeting/ performance/function etc. in the complex on the day which had already been allotted by the management to the licencee, the management reserves the right to withdraw or cancel the performance/function of the licencee by 72 hours notice in writing to the licencee. A compensatory day will be given to the licencee for performing their event subject to the availability of facility booked. No other compensation will be considered in this regard.

Fire-Proofing Arrangements
16. All sets to be brought on the stage shall be treated with the fire resistant solution and the management shall have the right to refuse admission to such set as are not so treated. A solution for fire-proofing is suggested as below :-
Borax – 7 ozs, Boracic Acid – 3 ozs and water – 2 Imp quarts.
It is advisable to first dip the properties in the solution, rinse slightly and allow it to dry which scenic work may be done. The wood should be treated with a fire-resistant paint and if any hessian or canvas is used, the same also should be similarly treated accordingly to the fire regulations.

Risk and Responsibility of the Licences
17. All properties, costumes and other materials brought inside the Auditorium/ Hall/ Gallery etc. shall be entirely at the risk and responsibility of the licencee and the management shall not in any way be responsible for the same for any loss or Damage thereto even if caused by the employee or agents of the management or not or otherwise whatsoever.
18. In the event of any damage to the properties of the complex, furniture, equipments, appliances etc. or to any portion of the complex, the licences shall be liable to pay to the management all cost and/or expenses for repairs or replacements incurred/ to be incurred by the management on this account.
19. The directions given regarding the use of the Auditorium/ Hall/ Gallery etc. by the management or their officers in the complex shall be strictly observed by the licencee.
20. Wrong and/or misleading declaration against any of the management’s queries in the application form may lead to cancellation of booking and forfeiture of the amount. The discretion to the management shall be final and binding upon the licencee.
21. No assignment, transfer, joint venture or subletting by any licencee shall be allowed in respect of the leave and licence granted to him nor the Auditorium/ Hall/ Gallery etc. shall be allowed to be used by the licencee for any purpose other than that for which such leave and licence is granted.
22. The management shall be entitled to stop exhibition of any pamphlets literature placard, show, performance which may be considered to be obscene, immoral or undesirable and in this regard the decision of the management shall be final and binding on the licencee.
23. This licence is granted only for the function as specified hereupon. Any change hereto must not he taken for granted. In the event of contemplating any change, permission from the management is necessary to avoid inconvenience. The management in their discretion may or may not grant the change asked for.
24. If the time of the programme as specified in the agreement, differs from the time printed on the invitation cards/ tickets, the earlier time shall be taken into account and it shall form the basis for the calculation of the timings as per “Schedule of Charges”.
25. Eatables not to be taken inside the Auditorium / Siminer Hall / Gallery etc. Distribution of packets, snacks and/or drinks etc. in / or outside the complex is not permitted.
26. The licencee shall not allow/host performance of any programme/rendition/communication in violation of the provisions of the Copyright Act. The licencee shall be responsible and liable to obtain necessary licencee under Copyright Act for any performance/rendition/ communication.

Free access to any and all parts of the complex
27. The management, their officers and employees shall have free access to any and all parts of the Auditorium, Seminer Hall, Gallery, Green Rooms etc., at all times.

Reserved Seats
28. A total of 17 seats 10th row (middle) numbers from 13 to 29 in front of the stage in the Auditorium and Seminar Hall remain exclusively reserved for the management during each performance/function. The licencee is required lo deliver necessary complimentary cards/ tickets for these seats to the office of the complex at least a week in advance of the date of performance/function.

Permission for Recording
29. Recording by All India Radio, Television Deptt., Films Division etc. if and when required may only be arranged with prior permission in writing from the management.

Refund of Dues
30. It is to be noted that for obtaining any refund of dues from the management, the relative original official receipt given by the management at the of making payment shall have to be produced for the management’s making necessary endorsement thereupon. This is essential. Amendment of the Terms and Conditions.
31. The Assam Cultural Trust reserves the right to amend, alter or change the above terms and conditions of the licencee as may be deemed necessary at any time without notice.

Dispute of Differences
32. In case of any dispute of differences the matter shall be referred to the Sole Arbitration of any one person to be appointed by the Assam Cultural Trust, Guwahati under Arbitration Act 1940. The award of the arbitrator so appointed shall be binding upon all concerned for all purposes.

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